Our worship service starts at 10 AM. Our liturgy is historical and we sing psalms and hymns, confess our sins, and share Communion every week.

We believe that Communion is a weekly renewal of our fellowship with God and with our brothers and sisters in Christ that commits us to the Lord and to each other for the coming week. Our Communion is open to all who are baptized in the Triune Name and are not under church discipline. In the spirit of Communion we have a fellowship meal immediately following worship every week.

Some useful definitions -

By 'reformed' we mean that we embrace the Sovereignty of God as our Fathers in the Protestant Reformation taught us.
By 'orthodox' we mean that we accept the faith once delivered to the saints that has been protected by the catholic church through the ages.
By 'catholic' we mean the universal church, made up of all of the faithful believers in all of the various denominations, of which St. David's is a small part. When we say 'catholic' we are not referring to any specific denomination, but to the whole church of Jesus Christ.